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Kilred Winding Systems has become a leader in its field by maximizing its clients' profitability through our commitment to total quality.

Because we feel that an educated customer is a Kilred customer, our positioning in the marketplace has taken very positive steps forward.  Improvements which we  have initiated at Kilred will set  new standards  for our industry and we are very, very proud of the progress  which has been made.

Improvements such as the most reliable and routine no charge pickup and delivery services, easy to contact fax and phone numbers, key personnels home phone numbers to contact us after hours in case you're in trouble as well as a host of customer satisfaction policies which ensure you are receiving the utmost protection against major shutdown or other failure.

Since the costs associated with very professionally done rewinds, repairs & rebuilds are typically lower over the long term, Kilred has built a loyal  customer base who save money by spending wisely.

Maximization of the availability of your equipment using sophisticated repair & rebuilding equipment gives our customers greater piece of mind: knowing the experts at Kilred Winding serviced you last.

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